Our values

Behaviors that we value and through which we achieve our goals.

Our Values

Our values determine how we work together and the behaviors that are integral to our drive for success. Our values guide our decision making, define our beliefs and foster a strong AstraZeneca culture.

We follow the science. We put patients first. We play to win. We do the right thing. We are entrepreneurial.

We follow the science
Pushing the boundaries of science and working creatively with partners and collaborators.

We put patients first
Striving to understand patients’ needs and considering them in every decision we take.

We play to win
Building high-performing, inclusive and diverse teams and making the right choices to win.

We do the right thing
Employing high ethical standards when carrying out all aspects of our business globally.

We are entrepreneurial
Acting with urgency, bravery, resilience and taking smart risks.

Diversity and inclusion

The success of AstraZeneca is founded on innovation and creativity. We know that a team is at its most creative when it is made up of people who think differently from one another, in an environment where different views and perspectives are welcomed and valued. This shared creativity unlocks challenges and brings new solutions. It fosters continuous innovation, constant learning and propels our growth – for individuals in the team as well as for our company.

At AstraZeneca, we encourage each member of our team to understand who they are and what makes them unique. Bringing this different thinking together and building a consciously inclusive culture is fundamental to our success in bringing the best medicines to patients as quickly as possible. It is who we are and why we are here.


CH-4932; 08/2021