Redefining cancer treatment to one day eliminate cancer as a cause of death.

We strive to eliminate cancer as a cause of death

AstraZeneca has more than half a century of experience in cancer research and the development of effective cancer therapies. Our ambition is to give even more cancer patients hope for better treatment with the help of new active ingredients. That's why we focus on research and development to create a new generation of medicines that have the potential to redefine cancer treatment.

In Switzerland, we are currently conducting 14 international or national oncology trials in ovarian, breast-, bladder- and non-small cell lung cancer (as of 02/2020).

Key disease areas

Our scientific platforms

We’re concentrating on these scientific platforms that we believe show the greatest potential for yielding effective cancer medicines.

  • Immuno-Oncology Therapies

    Activating the body’s own immune system to help fight cancer.

  • Tumour Drivers and Resistance

    Targeting the genetic mutations and resistance mechanisms that enable cancer cells to evade treatment, survive, and proliferate.

  • DNA Damage Response

    Targeting the DNA repair process to block cancer cells’ ability to reproduce.

  • Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADC)

    Arming antibodies with cancer-killing agents for specific tumour targeting.

CH-2305; 03/2020