Respiratory & Immunology

Following the science to improve patient outcomes.

Building on a 50-year heritage in respiratory care, our ambition is to transform the treatment of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) by driving earlier, biology-led treatment, eliminating preventable asthma attacks, and removing COPD as a top-three leading cause of death.

Underpinning chronic lung diseases is an altered immune system. AstraZeneca is following the science of common pathways and underlying disease drivers from respiratory disease into immunology-driven disease areas.

The disease areas we’re targeting include rheumatology (including type 1 interferon-driven diseases such as lupus), dermatology, gastrointestinal diseases and inflammatory diseases driven by eosinophilic immune dysfunction. Our ambition is to achieve disease modification and durable remission in these diseases for millions of patients worldwide.

Breaking the cycle of over-reliance on SABA inhalers for asthma treatment


The Break Over-Reliance campaign aims to help patients with asthma and healthcare professionals understand that over-reliance on the use of SABA ‘blue’ inhalers may increase their risk of asthma attacks. SABA is short for “short-acting beta2-agonist”. The campaign provides an evidence-based digital tool, the Reliever Reliance Test, to assess a patient’s reliance on their SABA. The five-item questionnaire is the first of its kind, and has been adapted from the validated SABA Risk Questionnaire. It is aimed at helping patients with asthma to have relevant conversations with their doctor about how best to control their asthma.


Pioneering the future of asthma science and care


While recent treatment advances have helped millions of people worldwide better manage their asthma, we know many more remain underserved and continue to struggle – with uncontrolled symptoms leading to more than 176 million asthma attacks globally every year. Now more than ever, we must urgently prioritise continued innovation in asthma research.

At AstraZeneca, we are building on our 50-year heritage in respiratory care by pursuing scientific breakthroughs that will revolutionise our understanding of the pathophysiology of asthma and inform the development of much-needed new treatments that could improve patient care and outcomes.

Our bold research ambition is to eliminate preventable attacks among people with all severities of asthma and achieve on-treatment clinical remission.


Reducing exacerbations and mortality in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease


Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a common, yet neglected disease. Despite much progress understanding the biology of COPD, there remains a significant unmet need and that is particularly true in the prevention and treatment of exacerbations. Exacerbations are associated with poor quality of life and excess, premature mortality, therefore, effective prevention of exacerbations is critical for patients.

AstraZeneca aims to transform the treatment of COPD optimise COPD treatment in order to better reduce a patient’s risk of exacerbations to slow disease progression, keep patients out of hospital and allow people with COPD to live longer and healthier lives.

CH-4301; 06/2021