Access to healthcare

Our approach

Access to healthcare at AstraZeneca goes beyond our medicines. We provide healthcare solutions along a journey to improve health - from prevention and awareness, diagnosis, treatment, to post-treatment.

Health is key to a thriving society. Healthcare is our core business and at the heart of all we do. The mission of our company is to “push the boundaries of science to deliver life-changing medicines.” How do we do this?

  • We help to ensure that our medicines get to people who need them by investing in health systems around the world.
  • We are making changes to address affordability to help ensure our medicines are accessible
  • We seek to expand disease prevention and treatment whenever possible, through screenings, awareness programmes and training healthcare professionals.


Our Access to healthcare approach supports the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

In Switzerland, we are active in the fields of data generation and disease prevention and education. Moreover we are supporting activities of local institutions and patient organizations within our therapeutic focus areas.


Support of data generation

AstraZeneca collaborates with partners and stakeholders to generate local evidence that will allow a better understanding of patient characteristics, treatment pathways and real-world outcomes across different diseases, with the ultimate goal to improve patient care and outcomes in Switzerland.

Our commitment to disease prevention and education

In order to raise awareness on certain diseases and to better support patients and caregivers, we seek collaborative partnerships with patient organizations, medical associations and hospitals. Together we aim to develop programs that contribute to improving patients' health in Switzerland.


AstraZeneca supports:

  • "Lunge Zürich" and the University of Zurich in raising awareness on asthma. Together they launched the information campaign "Breathe more freely, live more freely: Earth Mission Asthma Control".
  • the online platform which is part of this campaign. Here specialists and physicians explain to asthma patients and caregivers how to better control this chronic disease.
  • the comic strip "Earth Mission Asthma Control", that was launched for this awareness campaign, and is also designed to help people better understand asthma. 


AstraZeneca supports:

  • DIAfit - a structured program provided by diabetesschweiz to prevent or delay the onset of diabetes mellitus type 2 in patients with pathological glucose tolerance.

  • Furthermore, AstraZeneca is a member of QualiCCare, an association committed to further improve patient care in Switzerland by implementing "best practices" in the care of chronic diseases, as well as SGED (Swiss Society for Endocrinology and Diabetology).


AstraZeneca supports:

  • the 2-year seminar "CAS Diagnostic Procedure for Cardiovascular and Renal Diseases" at the University of Zurich.
  • the newly launched KARAMBA ambulatory cardiovascular rehabilitation at the Heart Centre of the University Hospital Basel.
    This rehabilitation program includes an advanced exercise program as well as detailed information and patient education on cardiovascular health.
  • the production of a brochure on ‘Knowledge - Understanding - Better Living’, including interactive patient education and an online platform with a focus on prevention provided by Swiss Heart Foundation.

Lung Cancer

AstraZeneca supports:

  • the evaluation of a national lung cancer screening program for the early diagnosis of lung cancer with the aim to improve prognosis and treatment outcomes for patients.
  • the Swiss Academy of Multidisciplinary Oncology (SAMO), which is dedicated to promote continued education in multidisciplinary oncology and to provide an interaction platform for physicians from different specialties.
  • the Alpine Tumor Immunology Register Registry (Alpine TIR) to analyse the use of immune-therapies in order to improve patient care and monitor health economic aspects in Switzerland.

Read more about access to healthcare at AstraZeneca in our Sustainability Report

CH-4989; 09/2021