Ethics and transparency

Our approach

We want to be valued for not only our medicines, but also for the way we work. We believe integrity, respect and transparency comprise the foundation of a healthy business culture. We build trust by demonstrating ethical business practices and fair treatment of all living things in everything we do within our company, across our value chain and in society.

Our core company Values, including putting patients first and doing the right thing, guide our decision-making and foster a unified AstraZeneca culture. These Values underpin all our activities and serve as a compass for our interactions. Our approach goes beyond rules and policies: we want to empower our workforce to use their judgement to do the right thing.

Our Ethics and transparency approach supports the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

In Switzerland we strictly follow the ethical business practices of Pharmakodex by Scienceindustries. Moreover we have been actively supporting the EFPIA transparency initiative from day 1 on.

Patient associations supported by AstraZeneca Switzerland

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CH-4989; 09/2021